Candidate Testimonials

"My experience with GAP Talent has been an absolute pleasure. They were the only placement agency who seemed genuinely interested in helping. They made first contact; they told me what I would need to include in my CV.
I had an interview in two weeks which they helped me prepare for, and within a month and a half I had a fantastic job."



"GAP Talent will make you feel valued and looked after, not only through the entire application process, but after they place you as well. They kept me up to date and made the administrative process feel like a Sunday afternoon picnic, with the burden and stress of finding a dream job entrusted to professionals."


"It was fortuitous that I bumped into Mike, who I know from Varsity days, in Putney. I had been working in Switzerland for five years when we decided it was time to move back to South Africa. Both Mike and Ian were extremely pro-active and managed to find more than one option for me in a short space of time."




"I found GAP Talent through a friend – he mentioned this agency that specialises in placing South African Chartered Accountants in the UK. After sending an email, they got in touch with me and asked quite a few detailed questions to really get to know me and what I was looking for and after that, they got to work."