GAP Talent I International Recruitment Specialists


Premier Provider of High-Volume Project Recruitment for global Big 4 and Top 10 Assurance Firms

GAP Talent is the premier provider of high-volume project recruitment for global Big 4 and Top 10 assurance firms. We offer competitive, flat fee structures for our services, paid upon the start date of Talent Professionals. Leveraging the volume of placements, we provide cost-effective solutions for our Talent Partners while maintaining high-quality recruitment standards.

What Our Project Recruitment Services Include:

    • •  Talent Pipeline Development: Building robust, pre-planned talent pipelines tailored to your firm’s culture.
    • •  High-Volume Recruitment: Managing large-scale recruitment projects efficiently and effectively.
    • •  Customized Search Solutions: Tailored recruitment strategies to meet specific project needs.
    • •  Advanced Screening Processes: Utilizing innovative screening techniques to ensure the best candidate fit.
    • •  Dedicated Project Teams: Assigning specialists to each project for focused attention and optimal results.
    • •  Onboarding and Integration Support: Ensuring smooth transition and integration of new hires.
    • •  Global Talent Sourcing: Accessing a global network to find the best talent for your needs.
    • •  Performance Tracking and Reporting: Providing detailed performance metrics and reports throughout the recruitment process.


    • •  Risk-Free Engagement: Payment only upon successful candidate placement.
    • •  Cost-Effective: Competitive, flat fee structures and discounted rates for high-volume placements.
    • •  Global Reach: Trusted by leading firms in Australia, Europe, and the USA.
    • •  Predictable Talent Resource: Pre-planned, robust talent pipelines tailored to each firm’s culture.
    • •  Dedicated Teams: Specialists assigned to each Talent Partner, ensuring optimal cultural fit and timely placements.
    • •  Innovative Screening & Aftercare: Reducing interview burdens and enhancing on-boarding efficiency.
    • •  Industry Leadership: Nearly three decades of experience, with offices in the UK, Ireland, and South Africa.
    • •  Service Excellence & Confidentiality: Committed to delivering quality talent with full-spectrum diversity.

    Changing How Recruitment is Done

    Global assurance firms prioritise a predictable talent resource to compete in a highly competitive market. GAP Talent complements local recruitment initiatives and reduces hiring costs by 400% compared to industry norms. Our Global Talent Solutions Model ensures the right talent for the right position at the right time.

    At GAP Talent, we don’t just recruit, we change lives. And we’ve been changing lives for nearly three decades.

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