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6 Reasons Why Employee Fit Matters For Your Company

6 Reasons Why Employee Fit Matters For Your Company

CandiceH 23rd November 2022 0 Comments
Employee Fit Matters For Your Company

Importance of an Employee Good Fit

Today’s workforce is the most dynamic it has ever been. Not only are employees switching jobs at an accelerated pace, but they’re also showing a strong preference for more flexible work environments and remote opportunities. With that in mind, your company needs to make sure you have the right people in the right roles if you want to thrive in this new normal. That’s why employee fit is becoming an essential part of company culture. Employee fit refers to how well someone will thrive in a specific role within your organization. It goes beyond just whether or not someone can do the job; it determines whether or not they want to do the job, and if their natural aptitudes align with the responsibilities of their potential position.

Why Employee Fit Matters

The best employees are those who are passionate and engaged in their roles. But, unfortunately, those types of employees are also the ones most likely to leave your company. One study found that 73% of employees leave their jobs because of poor fit. And when those employees leave, they’re not only taking their hard work and expertise with them, but they’re also taking the time, money, and energy your team invested in training them. Employee fit matters because the right people in the right roles create an environment that’s both more engaging and productive. And that’s crucial to help your company succeed in today’s competitive landscape.

Better Employee Retention

As we just mentioned, the right employees are crucial to your company’s success. But, of course, it’s also crucial to keep those employees. If you have a team of engaged employees, they’re less likely to leave your company. In fact, some studies show that engaged employees are up to 100% more likely to stay with their company. Engaged employees are also 16% more productive than their counterparts. And they’re 32% less likely to quit because they’re happy with their role, their manager, and the company culture. Having happy, engaged employees means you’ll spend less time and money hiring and training new people. More importantly, it means your company will thrive because the right people are in the right roles.

A Stronger Culture and Company Brand

As the workforce changes, so, too, do employee expectations around culture. Employees are now more likely to base their decision to work for a company on culture than salary. In fact, 89% of millennial employees base their decision to work for a company on culture. By building a strong company culture, you’re setting yourself up for long-term success. Your company culture will attract candidates who want to be a part of your mission and who want to work for a team that’s collaborative and innovative. By aligning the right people with your company culture, you’ll create an environment that’s engaging, creative, and collaborative. That, in turn, will help your organization thrive.

A Diverse Range of Talent

A diverse range of talent within your organization isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have. The best and brightest companies understand the importance of building a team of employees with a wide range of perspectives. That means not just hiring a diverse team, but also hiring a diverse range of talent within each department. Building a team with a wide range of perspectives will help your company think outside the box and challenge the status quo. And it will also help you attract a wider range of candidates. The best way to hire for a diverse range of talent is to hire for cultural fit. By focusing on finding employees who are a great cultural fit for your company, you’ll also create a diverse range of talent.

Importance of an International Talent Strategy

If you want your organization to thrive in a market of talent unpredictability, then you need an International Talent Strategy to compliment your local recruitment initiatives, in finding the right people for the right jobs within your organization. This can be a complex field and is best outsourced to a specialist such as International RPO Specialist, GAP Talent. In order to source the right talent for your company, a clear hiring vision and assessment should be created that includes very specific traits — such as experience, education, or skills — and personality traits that are important for each role. By hiring employees from an international talent pool who best align with your hiring vision, you’ll be able to to find the employees that best align with your company culture, creating a strong employee fit and a predictable talent resource.

Bottom line

The best employees are those who are the right fit for your company. That means finding candidates who are skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced and who also fit with your company culture. By hiring for fit, you’ll attract the best candidates, create a highly engaged team, and build a company that thrives.

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