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We specialise in contingent and search assignments within the financial arena. We believe that the business our client is in is the business that we are in, and we look to partner with our clients.

We aim to achieve a long-term positive impact on our client’s company. The people we place must improve the organisation. Our clients have come to know that we only represent the best.

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    Why we represent you best

    We are a market-leading bespoke recruitment service occupying a position between large agencies and executive search companies. We provide a personalised management consulting service, and candidates based on expert market knowledge.

    Although the client’s contact with us is with one particular consultant, an entire team works on each assignment. All are trained on an ongoing basis in the latest recruitment techniques, interviewing skills, selection criteria, and reference checking. International trainers keep us abreast of new developments. In addition, each consultant is trained in a specific niche market, where they acquire in-depth knowledge of specific industry requirements, qualifications and key players.

    Each team is backed by a research team with a state-of-the-art database which refines our ability to identify outstanding candidates. All resources are applied, including constant advertising in significant media, to ensure that the client is presented with the best candidates available in the required field.

    GAP Talent predominantly provides recruitment services for the local market, but due to high demand we search internationally for sources of specialist skills in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Europe, Australia, South Africa, and the Middle East.

    Our credo is to add significant value to businesses and careers and we have the greatest respect for confidentiality, which we guarantee, to both candidates and clients.