GAP Talent I International Recruitment Specialists


Contingent Recruitment services that seamlessly integrate with your Internal Talent Acquisition Team

GAP Talent’s contingent recruitment services seamlessly integrate with our Talent Partners’ internal talent acquisition teams, offering additional resources and assuming all risks associated with candidate searches. Operating on a contingency basis, we only receive payment upon the successful placement of a Talent Professional. This service caters to various project roles, including ad-hoc placements, both locally in South Africa and internationally across the UK, Ireland, the Caribbean, Indian Ocean Islands, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand.

What Our Contingent Recruitment Services Include:

  • •  Talent Sourcing: Identifying and attracting top candidates for your specific needs.
  • •  Candidate Screening: Conducting thorough evaluations to ensure the best fit.
  • •  Interview Coordination: Managing the entire interview process.
  • •  Reference Checks: Performing detailed background and reference checks.
  • •  Offer Management: Assisting with offer negotiations and acceptance.
  • •  Onboarding Support: Providing support for smooth onboarding and integration.
  • •  Market Insights: Offering valuable market intelligence to inform your recruitment strategy.
  • •  Ad-Hoc Placements: Flexibility to manage both high-volume and single-role placements.


  • •  Risk-Free: Payment only upon successful placement.
  • •  Global Reach: Extensive international network.
  • •  Flexible Solutions: Tailored for both high-volume and ad-hoc needs.
  • •  Expert Integration: Acts as an extension of your internal team.

Partner with GAP Talent to streamline your recruitment process and ensure you find the right talent, at the right time, for the right roles.

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