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Budgeting to Move Abroad – Living and Working in the UK

Budgeting to Move Abroad – Living and Working in the UK

CandiceH 24th February 2021 0 Comments
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Living and Working in the UK

When considering a move abroad, budgeting is an essential part of the plan. In this post we share the ins and outs of living and working in the UK.

The process of applying for a position in the UK or Ireland can be quite dauting, especially when trying to decide on a location that will suit your personal and career needs. So it’s really important to do your homework in order to establish the cost of living in a city versus a smaller town whilst factoring in what you can expect to earn in your region of choice.

While living in one of the main cities in the UK or Ireland is exciting and offers a central point from which to travel, it can often be more costly in terms of rent, utilities and travel.

There are also a number of websites available which feature data on the cost of living for the key regions in the UK. Numbeo is one of them: (

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