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Delight Munenge – TP Testimonial


“I remember when l was in my 2nd year of articles, and l would always say to my workmates, “post articles l will be in the UK sipping tea with the Queen.” Last year around this time, my other friend secured a job in the UK through GAP Talent. What l would always joke about was so close to becoming a reality!

My friend gave me the contact details of the Talent Manager at GAP Talent who assisted him. However, upon further enquiries, l realised companies in the UK require individuals who have passed both board exams, and so l didn’t proceed with contacting the agent.

One day l was randomly checking LinkedIn and was surprised to find a message about overseas opportunities, but l was still worried about the board exams as l was yet to obtain APC. However, when my Senior Talent Manager, Ciara, reached out, l was excited to find that BDO UK was recruiting individuals writing APC in December 2022.

Ciara was so supportive throughout the interview stages, reassuring me through the whole process and making sure I was up to date with what was going on. After securing the position, l would always receive weekly check-ins from GAP Talent to find out how l was coping, as this was going to be an adjustment to me and my family as a whole. Closer to the moving, l clearly remember freaking out all the time and Ciara would always give me a call to calm me down.

I am so grateful to GAP Talent for making the relocation process easier, l remember having no idea whatsoever about how the immigration process works and how to even obtain accommodation. Taylor, also a Talent Manager at GAP Talent, would always give me a call or set up a meeting to answer all my questions. Even now after moving to the UK, both Ciara and Taylor keep in constant communication to find out how l am doing.

Once again thank you GAP Talent for assisting with this huge career move.” – Delight Munenge

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