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Door Of Hope Children’s Mission in South Africa

At GAP Talent, we believe in giving back through our #GAPGivesBack programme and we’re proud to support several crucial community-based initiatives in partnership with our clients. One such initiative is “Adopt-A-Crib” at the Door Of Hope Children’s Mission in Johannesburg, South Africa, where our sponsored babies continue to develop at a rapid rate.

The start to the year was trying for one of the homes though, where a few babies fell ill with an infection, and four babies requiring hospitalisation. The staff rallied in a truly amazing manner, spending their days and nights in the hospital with the babies. For the babies who were being treated in the home, the staff lavished them with extra special care and attention. The babies who were unaffected by the infection, were able to continue with their programme as usual.

We are most grateful to our Talent Partners who, through our partnerships, assist in facilitating the provision of the right medical care for the babies who require it. It is quite a feat to advocate within the government system for medical care and it’s wonderful to know that private doctors regularly visit the homes to monitor the babies, and when necessary, the staff are able to purchase medications from local pharmacies. Thank you for helping the Door Of Hope to provide this level of care.

Our lovely ‘sponsored’ babies are fortunately all healthy and happy, and Baby Boy B still thoroughly enjoys his therapy. While group activities are fun for him, the one-on-one sessions are his favourite times of the day. The staff are very happy with his continuous development.

Our little ladies, Baby Girls TM and TT are also doing splendidly well. Both girls enjoy learning, but Baby Girl TM often thinks that she needs more free play than structured learning. She is just so confident but sometimes needs a little reminder of her boundaries, especially when becoming a little too bossy with her friends.

Baby Girl TT is growing well and she continues to learn new things daily. She enjoys following more than leading but she takes pride in helping her friends who need assistance during snack times.

Both girls love Cheese Curls crisps and neither likes to share. Who can blame them! In the communal home environment, the girls are understandably required to share more than most children, so having their own treats plays a large role in teaching them to value themselves and feel confident in experiencing their own enjoyment.

We’re super grateful to our clients for partnering us in support and care of these children; in helping to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which they develop, grow and have a chance in life.

Until our next update, stay blessed and keep well.

Ian, Tony and the GAP Talent Team