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Door Of Hope Children’s Mission in South Africa

At GAP Talent, we believe in giving back through our #GAPGivesBack programme and we’re proud to support several crucial community-based initiatives in partnership with our clients. One such initiative is “Adopt-A-Crib” at the Door Of Hope Children’s Mission in Johannesburg, South Africa, where our sponsored babies and toddlers continue to grow healthily and develop with happiness.

“March at the homes was a month of great joy with five babies finding their forever families. Whilst we celebrate for these babies, we are also aware that they leave a big gap in the sections where they lived. Their friends are struggling to adjust, especially those who are already toddlers. As adults, we struggle with change especially if that change means missing someone. It is so much harder for our little ones. At times like these, we are intentional that our groups are emotionally safe for the children to express themselves. The aunties are learning about emotional regulation and how to support a child who is dysregulated.” – Door Of Hope

Baby Boy B was on a real growth spurt in March. He is learning to sit at the table with his friends during mealtimes where he is learning to feed himself foods that can be picked up using his fingers. He also enjoys activities on the floor and his aunty often positions him on his tummy and then places a clear pouch in front of him with tinsel and small toy sea animals in it. Baby Boy B is then encouraged to feel the small toys with his fingers and to visually track them. This activity keeps him busy for a good while and is helping to develop his visual abilities.

The toddlers are a lively bunch, and sometimes too many big personalities in one place can be a riot. Baby Girl TM and Baby Girl TT are learning to be patient with the younger toddlers. Other children often need more help and support, and they are learning to share turns when trying a new activity and letting others answer a question before themselves. Baby Girl TT is the more patient of the two and regulates herself quite quickly. Baby Girl TM is our sweet tom-boy and sometimes needs a little more help to regulate. Both girls are very bright and are learning quickly.

Thank you to our Talent Partners for partnering us in support of the Door Of Hope, and in so doing facilitating the care of these children, ensuring that they receive the extra support they need, and for helping to create a home where living from a place of joy is intentional.

Until our next update, stay blessed and keep well.

Ian, Tony and the GAP Talent Team