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#GAPGivesBack – Door of Hope September 2023 Review

#GAPGivesBack – Door of Hope September 2023 Review

CandiceH 18th October 2023 0 Comments

#GAPGivesBack – Door of Hope September 2023 Review

Through our #GAPGivesBack programme, we are deeply committed to making a significant impact in our communities in partnership with our Talent Partners (our clients). Through support of the “Adopt-A-Crib” initiative at the Door Of Hope Children’s Mission in Johannesburg South Africa, we’re working together to ensure vital aid for these young lives; fostering a nurturing environment that empowers them to pursue a brighter, more hopeful future.

“We are in a season of deep growth at Door of Hope. We held our annual staff conference in September where experts in the field of “attachment theory” spent time with our staff. One aspect that we spoke about at length was Trust Based Relational Intervention or TBRI. Our team is learning together how to lower the impact of trauma experienced by our children from not being with their birth parents. Through regular play activities, we’re empowering our care workers, the aunties, to learn how to interpret behaviour and how to best respond for each individual child.” – Door Of Hope Management

In September, Baby Boy B revelled in new experiences, from delighting in the taste of red jelly during a playful toy hunt to a curious foray into gardening that left him humorously unimpressed with the flavour of sand. His world expanded through one-on-one interactions with his aunty and structured playtime with his friends. We’re loving seeing him smile more and more each day.

Baby Girl TT and Baby Girl TM share a close bond with Baby Boy B and their other playmates. Baby Girl TM compassionately spends quiet moments sitting with a girl who is facing complex challenges, especially during mealtimes. Meanwhile, Baby Girl TT’s growing friendship with Baby Boy D is heartwarming. She is often seen carefully maneuvering his wheelchair or gently aiding him with activities, highlighting the nurturing relationships being formed in their early years.

Both girls thoroughly enjoyed our Heritage Day festivities, their excitement clear to see as one of the aunties lovingly crafted special dresses for each of them. They took immense pride in parading their new attire, faces alight with joy, and were especially mindful when enjoying Chakalaka and Braai meat for lunch, to not spill on their new clothes.

It is heartening to see the aunties expanding their understanding of the children’s sensory needs whilst nurturing and encouraging them to embrace new experiences.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our Talent Partners for partnering us in support of the Door Of Hope. Together we’re playing an integral role in fostering the care and development of these children. Together we’re bringing hope to those who once had none.

Until our next update, stay blessed and keep well.
Ian, Tony and the GAP Talent Team