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Importance of Diversity in Tech: How to Attract and Retain Women in Technology

Importance of Diversity in Tech: How to Attract and Retain Women in Technology

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Kirstyn Bond / International Technology Recruitment Specialist
Kirstyn Johnston

“As the International Technology Recruitment Specialist at GAP Talent, I’m acutely aware of the pivotal role diversity plays in driving innovation and success within the tech industry.” 
Kirstyn Johnston, International Technology Recruitment Specialist / Assoc CIPD

Positive Trends in Women’s Representation in Tech in the UK and Ireland

The UK and Ireland are at the forefront of technological advancement, yet the representation of women in tech remains a challenge. In 2024, only 19% of tech roles in the UK are held by women, a slight increase from previous years but still a long way from where we need to be. This blog explores the importance of diversity in tech and provides actionable strategies to attract and retain women in technology roles.

The Business Case for Diversity

Diverse teams bring a wealth of perspectives and ideas to a company, fostering innovation and enhancing problem-solving capabilities. According to McKinsey, companies with greater gender diversity are 25% more likely to achieve above-average profitability. In tech, where creativity and innovation are crucial, the inclusion of women can lead to the development of more user-friendly, accessible and efficient products.

Challenges Women Face in Tech

Women in tech often encounter barriers such as unconscious bias, lack of role models, and work-life balance issues. A 2024 survey by Tech Nation revealed that 46% of women in the UK tech sector have experienced gender bias at work. Addressing these challenges requires a concerted effort from both employers and the wider industry.

Strategies to Attract Women in Tech

  • Promote Inclusive Job Listings:
    Ensure that job descriptions use gender-neutral language and highlight your commitment to diversity and inclusion. Double check for biased language.
  • Showcase Female Role Models:
    Highlight successful women in your organization through blogs, social media, and speaking engagements. This not only inspires potential candidates but also showcases your commitment to diversity.
  • Offer Flexible Work Arrangements:
    Flexibility is key to attracting top female talent. Provide options for remote work, flexible hours, and part-time roles to accommodate different life stages and commitments.
  • Partner with Women in Tech Organizations:
    Collaborate with organizations that support women in tech, such as Women Who Code and Girls Who Code, to access a broader talent pool and support community initiatives.

Strategies to Retain Women in Tech

  • Mentorship and Sponsorship Programmes:
    Implement mentorship and sponsorship programmes to provide women with guidance, support, and career advancement opportunities. This helps in building a robust pipeline of future leaders.
  • Continuous Learning and Development:
    Offer continuous learning opportunities and professional development programmes tailored to women. This can include leadership training, technical skills workshops, and networking events.
  • Create an Inclusive Workplace Culture:
    Foster a culture of inclusivity where diverse voices are heard and valued. Conduct regular diversity and inclusion training and establish employee resource groups (ERGs) to support women.
  • Transparent Career Progression:
    Ensure transparent career progression paths with clear criteria for promotions and pay raises. This transparency helps in building trust and reducing the gender gap.

Partner with GAP Talent to Drive Diversity in Tech

At GAP Talent, we are committed to driving diversity in tech and supporting the growth of women in this field. By partnering with us, our Talent Partners (our clients) can implement effective strategies to create an environment where women not only enter the tech industry but thrive and lead. Together, we can build a more inclusive and innovative tech landscape in the UK, Ireland, and beyond.

Join us in Shaping The Future

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