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Jessica Harmse, Belfast UK

Jessica Harmse, Belfast UK

CandiceH 5th August 2022 0 Comments

Meet Jessica Harmse, our Talent Professional from South Africa.

She is successfully placed in Belfast, Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom.

“There is definitely NO GAP in “GAP Talent“!

From the first phone call I had right up to now, I knew that I couldn’t have made a better decision than to have gone with GAP Talent. The Team has been extremely friendly and supportive, and have grown on me like any family member does.

Every phone call, every email, every meeting was something to look forward to and I will be sad when that has to come to an end. I would recommend GAP Talent to anyone and am extremely thankful that I was fortunate enough to have had them as a part of my journey.

A big shout out especially to GAP Talent for their patience and dedication to making every step as smooth as possible!“ –  Jessica Harmse

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