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Krissy Boffa, Edinburgh UK

Krissy Boffa, Edinburgh UK

CandiceH 15th July 2022 0 Comments

Meet Krissy Boffa, our Talent Professional from South Africa.

She is successfully placed in Edinburgh in the United Kingdom.

“Applying to an overseas firm can be quite daunting. This changed after my first call with Nigel at GAP Talent, as he explained the entire process and reassured me that it is possible to move overseas and that I will be able to find a job at a Big 4 Firm. The process was stress-free, and I was given hands-on support and guidance each step of the way; from location options, interview prep and the interview day.

Nigel Kerr stayed in contact with me whilst we were awaiting the outcome of the interview, as well as once I found out where I was going to be placed. I cannot thank GAP Talent enough for their continuous support and guidance with my new adventure at PwC in Edinburgh, starting in January 2023. ” – Krissy Boffa

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