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Lindokuhle Gqawuza, London UK

Lindokuhle Gqawuza, London UK

CandiceH 1st July 2022 0 Comments

Meet Lindokuhle Gqawuza CA(SA), our Talent Professional from South Africa.

She is successfully placed in London in the United Kingdom.

“I am a South African currently working in London and it’s all thanks to Tessa Schneider and the GAP Talent team. From our first interaction, I felt comfortable and I could share my fears about applying for a job overseas. Sometimes I think Tessa believed in me more than I did myself. I will never forget crying over the phone when I got my offer and it’s all because she had built a safe space and a genuine relationship with me, not just a Talent Manager/job seeker relationship.

GAP Talent truly knows how to give people identity… we’re not treated as just a part of the crowd. I received all the support I needed; from my Talent Manager to the Global Mobility Team. I would recommend anyone go through GAP Talent because of the individualised attention that one receives. They will make sure that you have a smooth transition and all you have to do is bring your true self to the process. Eternally grateful. ” – Lindokuhle Gqawuza

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