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Moving a pet to the UK from South Africa

Moving a pet to the UK from South Africa

CandiceH 11th September 2020 0 Comments
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A number of Talent Professionals ask about bringing a pet across to the UK from South Africa and GAP Talent is sharing the following tips on the process and requirements.

We would like to advise that you should start the process at least 4 months prior to moving to the UK and we’re pleased to confirm that a 2 week quarantine is not necessary for the animal.


  1. Vet check and ensuring all vaccinations are up to date
  2. After 1 month the animal has to take a rabies blood test
  3.  3 Months until results come back
  4. Then back to vet and get treated, worms etc
  5. Once all this has been done you’re good to go!
  6. At the airport in South Africa, your pet gets checked again by the state vet
  7. Gets one final check by a UK vet on arrival in the UK

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