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Time to Travel: Repatriation Flights

Time to Travel: Repatriation Flights

CandiceH 3rd September 2020 0 Comments

Not sure of your flight options or requirements for repatriation flights and what to do to make the move to start your new position? There are options available and we cover the info you need to get going.

Procedures for Leaving South Africa

  1. Health questionnaire to be completed:

  2. Approval from the d to depart South Africa

Some airlines will apply for the DHA approval on your behalf. 

The Department of Home Affairs in South Africa has approved essential travel for South Africans who want to return to countries where they are based. They will be allowed to depart for any of the following reasons; Work, Study, Family Reunion, to take up permanent residency and to receive medical attention.

South Africans wanting to return to the UK for any of the above reasons need to submit an email to with the following information:

  • A copy of their valid South African passport
  • A letter confirming their admissibility under the current circumstances from the embassy or other diplomatic/consular representative of the country they want to travel to. If returning by road or connecting via flights, the proof submitted needs to include permission from each transiting country.
  • Proof (details) of means of travel such as provisional airline booking, and the intended date of departure.

NB: Please indicate your surname, intended date of travel and mode of travel (air (provisional flight details, land (country and port of entry) or maritime port) in the subject of your email.

How do I receive approval:

An email will be sent to to you to proceed with your travel arrangements. Persons applying as a group can send one email with the supporting documents for each member of the group.


Allow at least five working days for processing of your request. If your date is earlier, the Department will try to assist with such requests.

DHA contact details:  Pretoria:  Tel: 012406 2500 / 0800 601 190  email: web:


Procedures for Arrival into South Africa

  1. Approval from South African Embassy: Please contact the South African embassy in the country you are currently in and inform them of your intentions. Once you have been cleared to fly, you may proceed with your repatriation flight booking.
  2. Quarantine: You will be subjected to a mandatory 10 day Quarantine. You may apply for self quarantine under very strict conditions.

Please send your application to:



Join the Whatsapp Group where there is information regarding repatriation flights – contact your GAP Talent team member today for further details.

Flights directly to the UK from South Africa are limited so it is advisable to take one of the following options and connect to the UK from there.


British Airways

  • 6 September – Johannesburg to London Heathrow
  • 11 September – Johannesburg to London Heathrow

KLM / Air France

  • 5 September – Johannesburg to Amsterdam (KLM)
  • 6 September – Cape Town to Amsterdam (KLM)
  • 10 September – Cape Town to Amsterdam (KLM)
  • 12 September – Johannesburg to Amsterdam (KLM)
  • 13 September – Cape Town to Amsterdam (KLM)
  • 17 September – Cape Town to Amsterdam (KLM)
  • 19 September – Johannesburg to Amsterdam (KLM)
  • 20 September – Cape Town to Amsterdam (KLM)
  • 24 September – Cape Town to Amsterdam (KLM)
  • 26 September – Johannesburg to Amsterdam (KLM)
  • 27 September – Cape Town to Amsterdam (KLM)
  • 27 September – Johannesburg to Paris (Air France)


  • 4 September – Johannesburg to Dubai
  • 6 September – Johannesburg to Dubai
  • 8 September – Johannesburg to Dubai

Ethiopian Airlines

  • Ethiopian Airlines are flying every Wednesday and Sunday from Johannesburg to Addis Ababa


  • 8 September – Cape Town to Frankfurt
  • 11 September – Johannesburg to Frankfurt
  • 22 September – Cape Town to Frankfurt
  • 25 September – Johannesburg to Frankfurt


  • 5 September – Johannesburg to Zurich
  • 19 September – Johannesburg to Zurich

Qatar Airways

  • 6 September – Johannesburg to Doha




Requirements: South African Airways requires your expression of interest in order to operate flights.


Flights to and from Istanbul offers passengers the convenience of connecting to/from multiple destinations on their existing network. Connecting flights will be arranged by the local Turkish Airlines office.

Cost per ticket: R15,000

JHB to Istanbul6 Sept, 20 Sept
CT to Istanbul10 Sept, 24 Sept


Cost per ticket: $800 per ticket

Istanbul to JHB6 Sept, 20 Sept
Istanbul to CT10 Sept, 24 Sept

To book a flight to JHB please send an e-mail to

To book this flight to CPT please send an e-mail to


Transit Visas:

You may transit in Istanbul for up to 24 hours without a visa. For longer layovers you can obtain a Visa online and it’s free.

Please follow link to book online visa: NB! The Visa to enter Turkey is the responsibility of the passenger.

Turkish Airlines assembly point:
Green Point Stadium, Vlei Road, Cape Town at 13:00.


KLM is operating flights from both Cape Town and Johannesburg. The flights will go via Amsterdam and then you can connect from there to your final destination.

Direct contact email
Meeting point in Jhb is the Dutch Embassy in Pretoria

Travel Agents:

Essential Travel – Jackie Hansell Wolmarans – 082 404 9068 081 475 7230


Approx. cost: R16,500.00

JHB to AMS KL0592    Time: 23:105 Sept, 12 Sept, 19 Sept, 26 Sept
CT to AMS KL0598    Time: 18:156 Sept, 10 Sept, 13 Sept, 17 Sept, 20 Sept, 24 Sept, 27 Sept or CALL 010 205 0100 / 010 205 0101

Connecting flights:

Various options available. Lowest connecting Amsterdam to London approx. R650* per person.  *subject to exchange rate/times of flights


Approximate cost per ticket €970

AMS to JHB  KL591    Time: 21:204 Sept, 11 Sept, 18 Sept, 25 Sept
AMS to CPT  KL597    Time: 09:204 Sept, 8 Sept, 11 Sept, 15 Sept, 18 Sept,     25 Sept,

You can also work through Tourvest for KLM flights:
Email: or
Telephone: +27 11 790 0401

You need to fill in the form for each passenger in your reservation. It is mandatory to fill in this web form. In case you missed the link in your booking process, you can find it here:

Please see below information regarding Amsterdam Airport, for those considering the KLM flight.

VISA requirements: You don’t need a visa for Amsterdam if less than 24 hours and staying in the airport


Qatar Airways have received approval for the following flights:

Inbound: DOH to JHB    Time: 10:10 | 18:056 Sept
Outbound: JHB to DOH  Time: 19:15 | 05:056 Sept

For new bookings please visit:

For existing tickets please e-mail:

For more information you may also contact:


Qatar is 30kg plus 7kg hand luggage

Qatar Airways assembly point:

Embassy of Qatar, 1077 Justice Mahomad Street, Waterkloof, Pretoria. Meet at 14:00



Requirements: Dubai travel requirements: COVID-19 PCR test is mandatory

Outbound: JNB to Dubai Time: 18;304 Sept, 6 Sept, 8 Sept, 11 Sept, 13 Sept,  15 Sept, 18 Sept, 20 Sept, 22 Sept,  25 Sept


Inbound: Frankfurt to JNB   Time: 22:059 Sept, 23 Sept
Inbound: Frankfurt to CPT   Time:  22:158 Sept, 20 Sept
Outbound: JNB to Frankfurt Time: 19:0011 Sept, 25 Sept
Outbound: CPT to Frankfurt Time: 17:458 Sept, 22 Sept

For new bookings, use the booking code: LGFLYBACk20

For existing tickets, please send an e-mail to: JNBREPATQUERIES@DLH.DE

Please see link regarding COVID tests for Lufthansa:


MRU to JNB6 Sept
JNB to MRU6 Sept

Inbound: Zoliswa Filtane @ SA embassy  +230-5254-5206

Outbound: Contact MRU high commission Pretoria

Citizens free quarantine. Residents pay approx $1360 for quarantine.


JNB to LHR6 Sept, 11 Sept



CemAir have the following repatriation flights scheduled. Visit
You can also e-mail

With the borders open in Dar es Salaam this will allow passengers to book on a Qatar or Emirates or a few other Airlines to fly to Dar Es Salaam where we can then repatriate them to South Africa. It also allows for passengers traveling from South Africa to book a flight to Dar es Salaam where they can then from there on catch a flight to almost anywhere.

Emigrating to United Kingdom & Ireland

Click here to join the Emigrating to UK/Ireland Facebook group:

Visa requirements to the UK/Ireland: