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A Winning Video Resumé

A Winning Video Resumé

CandiceH 17th February 2021 0 Comments
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What Makes A Good Video Resume?

For many a video resume may seem daunting but, especially now, they are the Talent Professional’s best chance of standing out. The video resume will give you the chance to show your unique character and highlight your undefinable qualities whilst making a lasting impression.

Your video resume should not be a list of accomplishments and experience. Your printed CV will be the best for summing up your quantifiable achievements. Your video resume should convey your strengths and qualities such as your character, clear communication, charisma, humour and presentation skills.

Here are a few top tips for creating a ‘Stand-Out’ video resume:


1. Target a single employer: mention the client and your aspirations for working for them. This should be a mixture of serious, funny, casual or appropriately formal.
2. Plan your story: develop a simple and clear plan of the story you are going to tell and how you are going to present it.
3. Precise and concise: rehearse your presentation and speak clearly and get the key points across and try to minimize pauses. Get straight to the point and don’t waffle. Convey your best abilities and why you would like to work at the company.
4. Quality of video: consider what you will wear, whether you will stand or sit on a stool (chair without a back), correct lighting – best to sit with your side to the window for natural light, camera angle and position – not too close and best if positioned on a tripod or phone stand. This will also minimize shaking.
5. Be mindful of body language: try to avoid playing with your hair or fidgeting.
6. Tone of voice: We recommend that you write a script to help you keep the dialogue light and conversational.
7. End off on a strong positive note: let the client know that this is your dream role and how it fits in with your career goals.

A video resume is a strong tool in the job application process and clients are increasingly relying on them to ensure a good cultural fit for their company. A video resume is also a great way of letting your unique personality shine through and is a great way for the prospective client to connect with you, more so than your paper resume.

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