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Recognizing the Value of Your People: How Big 4 Accounting Firms are Rethinking Recruitment

Recognizing the Value of Your People: How Big 4 Accounting Firms are Rethinking Recruitment

As the business world moves away from the traditional job market, it is increasingly important for firms to recognize that their employees are not commodities to be used and discarded but rather real people with unique skills and values.

Hiring the wrong employee can be an expensive and damaging mistake for any organization, but it is especially consequential for Big 4 Accounting Firms who must comply with a wide array of regulations and industry standards in order to remain in good standing. The financial cost of hiring and onboarding new employees, as well as the potential litigation costs resulting from a bad hire, can be significant. This is especially true in the case of a Big 4 Accounting Firm, where the reputational risk of a bad hire can be even more damaging. A bad hire who does not fit the company culture of a Big 4 Accounting Firm could result in costly and embarrassing ethical and compliance violations, as well as a lack of trust from clients. Furthermore, a bad hire who does not fit the company’s culture could lead to a lack of morale among staff and a decrease in employee productivity and retention.

By securing the services of an International RPO Specialist such as GAP Talent, businesses can ensure that candidates are selected from a global Talent pool and are the right fit for the position, the organization and its culture; igniting potential for long term value growth and reduced risk. Doing so not only allows firms to benefit from the individual skills and values of the employee, but it also allows the employee to be in a position they are happy in, resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship. By recognizing employees as real people with real lives and feelings, firms can create an environment of trust that allows their employees to thrive and contribute positively to their business; enabling the firm and employee to reap the rewards of their hard work and dedication.

GAP Talent is an International RPO Specialist with a ‘first interview to landing’ ratio of 1 in 2 or higher, well above the industry norm of 1 in 4. We complement our Partners’ local recruitment initiatives with Global Talent Strategies, project-geared partnerships and innovative screening and aftercare processes.

Our comprehensive pre-project screening process is aimed at identifying and eliminating potential complications prior to face-to-face interviews thereby ensuring an optimal talent fit for our clients.

Our market-leading post project aftercare programme ensures that Partners, Senior Managers, Managers and Audit Seniors are relieved from the burdens of on-boarding and when talent lands in their destination of choice, they are informed, happy and prepared.

With our network extending from Australia and New Zealand through Europe and the USA, we are the global leaders in this field. We’ve been delivering diversity, inclusion and great talent… whilst changing thousands of lives… for over 20 years… and we have the case studies and data to support this.

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