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Unlock Your Global Potential: A South African CA’s Journey to the UK!

Unlock Your Global Potential: A South African CA’s Journey to the UK!

Michael Nefdt 14th March 2024 0 Comments

Talent Professional Testimonial – Krissy Boffa

Meet Krissy Boffa, a talented South African Chartered Accountant who turned her dreams of an international career into a reality with the help of GAP Talent.

Krissy’s journey began with a simple aspiration: to take her skills and expertise global. However, the process of applying to overseas firms can be daunting. That’s where GAP Talent stepped in.

From the first call, our experienced team provided Krissy with the guidance, support, and reassurance she needed to navigate the international job market with confidence. We walked her through every step of the process, from exploring location options to preparing for interviews, to successfully securing a position with a Big 4 Firm in Edinburgh, UK.

In Krissy’s own words: “The process was stress-free, and I was given hands-on support and guidance each step of the way; from location options, interview prep and the interview day. The GAP Talent team stayed in contact with me whilst we were awaiting the outcome of my interview, as well as once I found out where I was going to be placed. I cannot thank GAP Talent enough for their continuous support and guidance with my new adventure.”

At GAP Talent, we’re more than just recruiters. We’re your partners in success, dedicated to helping you unlock your full potential and achieve your global ambitions.

If you’re a Southern African Chartered Accountant ready to take your career to new heights, let us be your guide. Let’s turn your dreams into your reality. We don’t just recruit… we change lives!