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Choosing Work and Life in The Caribbean

Choosing Work and Life in The Caribbean

CandiceH 13th September 2022 0 Comments

“Since the world was struck down by the Covid-19 pandemic, we have all had the chance to reflect and reassess our priorities and what’s most important to us. Changing one’s lifestyle is high on the priority list for many; whether it’s making a move into a more remote role or moving to a location you had never previously considered in a more desirable environment. One thing is for sure, change is a constant and now is as good a time as any to look at your options.”

Live And Work In The Caribbean

The Caribbean

Many of us have started looking into various desirable locations to continue our working careers and at the same time create a more balanced lifestyle in the process. The Caribbean is always a top choice on many people’s radar and it’s not hard to see why. From exquisite beaches to breathtaking mountain views, The Caribbean is one of the most desirable locations to live and work as an expat.

Caribbean Lifestyle

Moving to the Caribbean though, one needs to get out of the mindset that you’ll be working half days and getting unlimited leave, and instead think more of the lifestyle change you can make whilst working hard and earning a fantastic income. Wake up early and go for a swim in the sea – or do the same after work – take your fishing rod along with you! Spend your weekends hiking the scenic mountains or exploring the amazing ocean life. It’s all about balance.

Caribbean Weather

The Caribbean is famed for its tropical climate; blue skies, long hours of sunshine and warm temperatures. The best time for friends and family to visit would be between December – April where they can experience the driest weather and the most pleasant temperatures. When the rain does arrive, it is usually in rather brief but heavy showers and the average hours of sunshine is fairly consistent during the year.

Caribbean Jobs

At GAP Talent Hospitality & Travel, we’re local and expat recruitment specialists, hiring for the Caribbean, Middle East and Indian Ocean’s leading brands. We’re currently recruiting for various positions in The Caribbean including Project Managers, Design Managers, Directors of Engineering, MEP Project Managers in Resort Construction and Master Technicians in the motor industry.

If relocating to The Caribbean is something you’d like to explore, why not drop us your CV – we may just have the perfect opportunity for you.
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