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GAP Talent 2nd May 2021 0 Comments

Be thoroughly prepared for questions Create a great CV and prepare detailed answers to commonly asked interview questions (see our CV and Interview Advice). Play up your university experience Academics are important, but so are all the extra-curricular activities which develop valuable skills such as leadership, teamwork and initiative, and help define your personality. What makes […]

CandiceH 16th March 2021 0 Comments

GAP Talent congratulates the 2,149 aspiring Chartered Accountants who passed the SAICA Initial Test of Competence (ITC) in January 2020! SAICA Initial Test of Competence (ITC) We’re calling all CA’s who qualified in 2020 (or will be qualifying in 2021) with experience in the auditing financial services industry, wanting to advance their careers with a […]

CandiceH 24th November 2020 0 Comments

Using headings, jot down all your qualifications, educational experience, employment history, personal history, hobbies, interests, etc. Consider what you’ve gained from these experiences – insights, skills, communication tools, personal growth – and write them down in note form. Be prepared to target each job and craft your CV accordingly. Your CV should change focus depending […]