Recognizing the Value of Your People: How Big 4 Accounting Firms are Rethinking Recruitment

How Big 4 Accounting Firms are Rethinking Recruitment

As the business world moves away from the traditional job market, it is increasingly important for firms to recognize that their employees are not commodities to be used and discarded but rather real people with unique skills and values.

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Recruitment Process Solutions for Big 4 Accounting Firms

The Big 4 accounting firms are widely renowned for their competitive recruitment processes. In order to stay competitive, these firms often require applicants to go through a lengthy and intricate recruitment process which can take up a significant amount of time for the firm’s partners and staff members. Despite the fact that the recruitment process is necessary for the firm’s success, it can become a significant burden on the partners and other staff members. This article will discuss the lengthy recruitment process for Big 4 accounting firms, the impact of this process on partner time, and how firms can benefit from recruitment process outsourcing.

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Employee Fit Matters For Your Company

6 Reasons Why Employee Fit Matters For Your Company

Today’s workforce is the most dynamic it has ever been. Not only are employees switching jobs at an accelerated pace, but they’re also showing a strong preference for more flexible work environments and remote opportunities. With that in mind, your company needs to make sure you have the right people in the right roles if you want to thrive in this new normal.

global talent shortage

The Global Talent Shortage

The Global Talent Shortage And Its Effects On The Accounting Industry   The world is changing at a pace faster than we can keep up with. The rise of digitalization, global connectivity and artificial intelligence (AI), has accelerated exponentially. So too is the talent acquisition and retention model changing at a rapid pace. Research indicates [...]
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