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AI Engineer – San Francisco

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AI Engineer – San Francisco

Michael Nefdt 12th March 2024 0 Comments

GAP Talent

AI Engineer – San Francisco

Are you looking for a new and incredibly exciting opportunity with a Tech Start up based in San Francisco? Read on to find out more!

Job Description:
GAP Talent are recruiting an AI Engineer to join a fully funded VC backed startup. The team comprises a group of AI, software, and infrastructure experts. The product is an AI-powered agent designed to manage and resolve issues in production environments autonomously. It uses an LLM-based reasoning engine to react to, interpret, and implement solutions to production issues, even those it’s encountering for the first time.

As an AI Engineer you will own the performance of the AI agent. This role is central to ensuring that the product is robust, reliable, and constantly improving. You will apply the latest AI techniques and tools to build an agent that can respond quickly, reason with high precision, react to failures, and learn from its experiences.

Ideal Background

  • You have a solid foundation in software engineering and are comfortable with Python, TypeScript, and Go.
  • You love building with generative AI and have a track record of shipping projects. You may have a background in ML, or maybe you’re self taught.
  • You have experience in integrating, tuning, or training foundation models. Either locally or using managed services.
  • You understand how to build an evaluation stack for your projects. You’re test driven by nature.
  • You move quickly. You’re already augmented by LLMs. You can rapidly evaluate, apply, and productize AI technologies.
  • You are skilled in using a range of AI tools for chaining, retrieval, and vector search, knowledge graphs, and evaluations.
  • You have a strong grasp of prompt engineering, enabling you to effectively interact with language models to elicit desired responses or behaviors.

What could you be doing?

  • As an AI Engineer, you will work closely with the product team to enhance the performance and accuracy of our LLM-based reasoning engine, memory module, evaluation stack, and simulation environment.
  • You will apply the latest AI developments to our product, ensuring that Cleric remains at the cutting edge of AI technology.
  • You will help the team iterate towards product-market fit in an early-stage, open-ended environment.
  • Embody the end users (engineers with operational responsibilities), immersing yourself in their needs, pains, and aspirations.

How does the Team work:

  • Less is more: Small teams deliver impactful outcomes. Their focus is on meaningful work rather than long hours.
  • Culture is critical: They value excitement and chemistry.
  • They are in-person: working closely promotes strong teamwork.
  • Transparent compensation: They will give you levers to adjust your compensation. $120k-$160k base, and 0.25-1% equity. 401k matching. Great healthcare.

If you or someone you know is based or looking to make a move to San Francisco- apply today!