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Author: CandiceH

CandiceH 19th May 2023 0 Comments

At GAP Talent, we believe in giving back through our #GAPGivesBack programme, and we’re proud to support several crucial community-based initiatives in partnership with our Talent Partners (our clients). One such initiative is “Adopt-A-Crib” at the Door Of Hope Children’s Mission in Johannesburg, South Africa, where our sponsored babies and toddlers are being raised with love and care, under extremely trying circumstances.

CandiceH 20th March 2023 0 Comments

I remember when l was in my 2nd year of articles, and l would always say to my workmates, “post articles l will be in the UK sipping tea with the Queen.” Last year around this time, my other friend secured a job in the UK through GAP Talent. What l would always joke about was so close to becoming a reality!